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Project at Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach, FL


This project is one of many we have provided in the hospitality industry.

  • Project at Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach, FL
  • New hotel lobby (walnut), kitchen area (teak), elevator bank (walnut on wall/ceiling), pool side bar area (teak) , NOBU restaurant lobby and spa area (white Oak with white powder liming)
  • Sold to and installed by Advanced Millwork in Orlando




Thank you for stopping at the Greenline Industries booth at this year's IWF 2014.


We were pleased to introduce three new product lines, LignaPal,Imprezza, and Embella, as well as our expanded IPIR Engineered Wood Veneer line and Architectural and stock grade Hardwood Plywood Panels.

The response to our products was considerable and we are working on fulfilling all requests for literature and samples. If you have an immediate need, please contact you local Greenline Sales Representative.

Thank you again for stopping in to see us and we look forward to exceeding your expectations for hardwood plywood panels and LigniPal,Imprezza,Embella and Ipir.




Know Your Wood!

Zebrawood features striped grain and is used for veneers.


Zebrawood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis), also known as zebrano, is a West African tree, found mainly in Gabon and Cameroon. The Latin species name is derived from a city in the Congo, Brazzaville. The common name is certainly derived from the fact that the wood does indeed have stripes that look like a zebra. Because of the striking effect, the wood is expensive and so is usually produced as veneer rather than lumber. Uses include decorative veneer banding and inlays for furniture and flooring. (In the 18th and 19th centuries, zebrawood referred to a different striped species of wood from the countries we now call Nicaragua and Honduras)
The tree itself can reach heights of 150 feet and 4 feet in diameter, but more typically is only 50 feet high and several feet in diameter. The bark is often 6 to 12 inches thick! The tree is in the legume family so has long pods of seeds. Legume trees are important for nitrogen fixation activities in the tropical soils that are continually leached by high rainfall and have little natural nitrogen. Heavy harvesting has resulted in listing this species as "threatened". A few plantations exist in Africa.


Processing suggestions and characteristics




This wood can be slightly heavier than hickory. The reported weight at 8 percent MC is nearly 60 pounds per cubic foot, which means that a board foot at 8 percent MC wigs about 5 pounds.




The wood is always quarter sawn to highlight the striping. This means that checking is not a problem, but the wood will dry slowly. Some pieces are prone to warping. This can cause buckling in veneer. Shrinkage in drying is rather large, with tangential shrinkage to 6 percent MC being over 9 percent. Radial shrinkage is 5.4 percent.


Gluing and Machining


Due to the coarseness of the grain, the wood does glue well. Machining, as with all dense species, requires very sharp knives. Interlocked grain means that smooth knife finishes are hard to obtain, as part of the surface is always machined "against the grain". Sanding is good, although sandpaper needs to be fresh and sharp. The wood does polish well when rubbed.




This wood, in spite of high shrinkage when drying, is almost always quarter sawn, which means that it is fairly stable, once dry. Shrinkage in width is 1 percent for a 4 percent MC change; this is the same as the flat sawn movement for most North American hardwoods.




The ultimate strength (MOR) is 22,800 psi; the bendability (MOE) is 2.3 million psi. This is 50 percent stronger than red oak and 25 percent stiffer.


Color and Grain


The wood color is a pinkish brown with darker brown stripes. Sanding with finer grits and then waxing the surface provides allows the striped grain to show well.


Cabinet Maker FDM Aug 2013

March 20,2013

Port of Miami – Miami, FL Carnival Cruise Terminal D we are excited to announce its involvement in completing the installation of the Bay view of Miami infused “tattooed” image onto FSC certified veneer to create a beautiful custom mural project. Iconic buildings like the American Airlines Arena and the Freedom Tower have been featured on the panels to compliment the movement of the wood. These twenty (20) custom panels are 10’ tall, sequenced real wood panels that have been sanded and finish in adherence to the meet LEED requirements. This forward design aesthetic is the future of architectural panels and custom wood products, technology and wood crafting creates a harmonious symmetry for a one of a kind look.



Close up view of the mural