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Panguaneta - Pangua Fire Plywood







(POPLAR THROUGHOUT ILOMBA TWIN - OKOUME TWIN OKOUME THROUGHOUT) Multi-layer impregnated and coated with reactive coatings to meet the needs of Euroclass B-s2d0 according to EN 13501-1.


Pangua-Fire range meets the new market demands for passive protection against fire of building structures in general, for wall and / or ceiling applications.

Quality Size (mm) Thickness (mm) Applications
II / III (B/BB) 2440 x 1220 6-40 Automotive
  2500 x 1220   Furniture & Design
  2500 x 1700    
  2520 x 1720    
  2520 x 1870    


Class II (formerly Class B under UNI 6471) “Natural” surface, with chromatic changes and sound knots, suitable for coatings with rolled section, pigmented varnishes or lacquer. Adherent sound knots are allowed up to a 35 mm diameter, as well as small deciduous knots or cracking. Moreover, low contrast colourings, occasional adhesive stains, well done repairs and stuccoes are allowed too.

Class III (formerly Class BB under UNI 6471) “Open” surface, stuccoed upon request, suitable for non visible uses. Adherent sound knots are allowed up to a 50 mm diameter; as well as deciduous knots, cracking, bark inclusions and overlapped parts. Colourings are allowed, provided that they are sound, as well as adhesive stains, repairs and stuccoes of any extent.

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