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Lignapal Veneers



Weathered Wood


Smoked Oak Limed Textured Matte

Oak Limed Textured Matte

Rift Oak White Wash Open Pore Matte

Oak Crowned Limed Textured

#162.01 Oak Crown Sandblasted



Rough Beauty & Sawn Wood


Sawn Smoked Oak Limed

Sawn Smoked Oak

Sawn Oak

Pippy Oak

Wenge Crown Sandblasted Matte

Olive Ash Textured Matte

#168.11 Sawn Oak Grey

#168.42 Sawn Oak Limed




Linear Deep Pores


Light Brown Oak Limed Sandblasted

Oak Crown Textured Matte

Oak Sandblasted Matte

Rift Oak Grey Textured Matte

Rift Oak Hazel Textured Matte

Rift Oak Onyx Textured Matte

Rift Oak Swamp Textured Matte

Rift Oak Textured Matte

Sapele Textured Satin

Smoked Oak Sandblasted Matte

Smoked Sapele Textured Satin

Zebrano Rose

Zebrano White Wash Textured Matte

Zebrano Textured Matte

Walnut Crown Textured Matte

#178.07 V20 Oak Whitewash





Elegant Classics



V20 Walnut

Indian Apple Closed Pore Satin

Mahogany Pommele
High Gloss

Makore Figured High Gloss

Smoked Walnut

Figured Makore Satin


Lignapal consists of veneer sheets which have been reinforced with a phenolic backer. These sheets
are then given a high quality traditional lacquer finish; the flow of the liquid lacquer preserves the warmth and lustre
of the natural wood.
The lacquer finish is applied under highly controlled conditions which guarantees a very consistent result. Due to
the traditional lacquer system it is possible to re-lacquer the sheets. Lignapal is offered in a range of finishes and can be
bonded to any surface suitable to regular HP laminates.

The advantages:
• Saves time and lacquer costs
• Guarantees a consistent quality finish
• Has a lacquer finish which can also be used as a
• Offered in different gloss levels, from matt to high
build high gloss
• The finish is environmentally friendly, reducing
your VOC output
Leeuwenburgh Manufacturing Company’s wide range of veneer species, unique product formats, textures and finishes are specified across many market sectors, worldwide.
The people at Leeuwenburgh know the natural appeal of wood - warmth, depth and lustre - every leaf unique. From their modern production facility at Raamsdonksveer in The Netherlands they know how to enhance these natural characteristics to produce beautiful wood veneers. More than 100 species find their way to customers in more than 25
For ease of use and to create more design possibilities, the veneers are offered in three product formats of thin sheets and boards branded Lignaflex, Lignapal & Lignacore.
Lignaflex is a thin flexible sheet. Lignapal is wood veneer with a phenolic laminate backing. Lignacore is a range of veneered boards. Both Lignapal and Lignacore are offered with pre-lacquered finishes. All product formats can be combined to offer consistency and uniformity across the specification or project.

Greenline Industries is North America’s Exclusive Agent

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